Hot 5 News Stories Of The Day

By Sharon Dhanoa | May 2, 2011

Google in Trouble for Tracking Too

Although Apple is taking the brunt of the hit of the tracking controversies, Android is getting its share too.  Google is facing a 50 million dollar lawsuit regarding tracking the user’s locations. [Wired]

How Social Media Affected the Announcement of Bin Laden’s Death

The largest news story in years broke yesterday, and it broke first over Twitter. Here's a list of the ways different online networks amplified President Obama’s announcement about Osama Bin Laden’s death. [GeekSugar]

Pick Your New BlackBerries

The BlackBerry World Convention unveiled the new BlackBerry 7 OS update, along with two new Blackberries, the Blackberry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Bold 9930. [Cnet]

Apple To Offer Free Downloads to Subscribers of Print Magazines

Time has signed a deal with Apple which will allow subscribers of Time magazine, and a few others, to download the magazine to their iPad for free. [Engadget]

How to Document Your Life Using Photo Apps

This list showcases the best apps when it comes to photography. Use these apps to take pictures, style them, and share them. [Mashable]

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