The 35 Best New Android and Honeycomb Games Of 2011

By Kyle Pearce | July 20, 2011
Android Honeycomb Games

With Android now boasting the world's largest app marketplace, you can imagine that there are a lot of great games to be found. We went through the Android Market and picked the best Android games released in the last year.

There are some impressive Android Games on the list, covering different gaming genres like strategy, first person shooters, role playing games, racing games and more. Keep in mind that many of these games require high-end Android smartphones like the Nexus One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy and HTC Desire HD. Whenever possible, we also noted which games are also optimized for Android Honeycomb tablets.

Here are our picks for the best Android games (in no particular order):

Cordy for Android and Xperia Play

1. Cordy (Puzzle)

In this game you play Cordy, a little robot who explores this beautiful 3D puzzle game. The free version includes 4 levels and the rest can be bought within the app. Free (optimized for Xperia Play).

Samurai 2 HD

2. Samarai II: Venenance THD (Action/Arcade)

This is one of the best fighting games available for Android. The stunning 3D graphics and polished gameplay will blow you away. $2.99 (optimized for NVIDIA Tegra and Honeycomb).

Settlers of Catan

3. Settlers of Catan (Strategy)

The legendary strategy game Settlers of Catan is now available as an Android game. True to the original game, you can compete with up to 4 players to create the largest and most powerful settlements and armies. You then trade with each other and expand your territory to develop more natural resources. $4.25

Tank Hero Android

4. Tank Hero (Action)

This 3D tank action game is simple but very addictive. Navigate your tank through 80 levels in campaign mode and the fun survival game modes. Free (optimized for Honeycomb).

5. Asphalt 6: Adrenalin HD (Racing)

Choose from 42 cars to race through 55 events on the streets of L.A., Tokyo and other locations. Online and local multiplayer for up to 6 players. $6.99

6. N.O.V.A. 2 HD (Action/FPS)

An intense sci-fi first person shooter with killer graphics and one of the best multiplayer experiences on Android (play up to 10 players at once). $6.99 (optimized for Honeycomb)

7. Angry Birds Rio (Strategy)

The latest update in mega-selling Angry Birds franchise. Choose from 4 episodes and 105 exciting levels. Free.

8. Order & Chaos Online (RPG)

This popular cross-platform real-time 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is now available on Android. If you're a serious RPG gamer, you'll want to give this one a try. $6.99

The World's Ultimate Brain for Android

9.The World's Ultimate Brain (Puzzle)

This educational game tests your abilities in 4 areas of your brain: calculation, memory, logic and visual acuity. It is similar to Brain Gym games, which challenge and improve your cognitive skills. Free.

10. Guerilla Bob (Action)

Great visuals, a cross-platform multiplayer experience and lots of fun weaponry, enemies and non-stop humour. Free.

11. Dungeon Defenders (RPG)

An online multiplayer action role playing game (RPG) with exclusive content for Tegra and Honeycomb. Free.

12. Golf Battle 3D (Sports)

Play golf on your Android device. Play for fun or online in head-to-head matches with players all over the world. $1.10

Herman The Hermit Android

13. Herman The Hermit (Action)

Soar over snow-covered peaks in this fun jumping game. You take the role of Herman, a crazy old hermit that lives high up in the Himalayan Mountains. Use his ninja-like skills to navigate through through this fun and addictive new Android game. $1.99

14. Contract Killer (FPS/Action)

In this game you play an assassin where you defeat bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals. Choose from 5 gritty 3D lcoations, 17 missions and 20 distinct weapons. Free.

15. 3D Bio Ball (Puzzle)

Play through 109 action puzzles with your 3D Bio Ball. A challenging gam that makes good use of the Android's accelerometer. Free.

16. Jet Car Stunts (Racing)

An addictive 3D driving game with 8 tracks to play on by yourself or on the multiplayer mode (36 more tracks in the paid version). This game came out in late 2010, but it has been since updated and made even better. Free.

17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (Sports)

An award-winning soccer game where you focus on tactics, goals and winning trophies. Probably the best all-round soccer game for Android. $6.99

18. Spectral Souls (RPG)

An outstanding tactical RPG game with 84 characters, 52 outstanding soundtracks and impressive cut-scene video. $13.99

19. Reckless Racing (Racing)

A fun racing game where you get to wreck your opponent's vehicles. Play in 3 different modes, including online multiplayer. The original game came out last year but it has recently had a major update. $4.99

20. Hockey Fight Pro

Drop the gloves and test your hockey fighting skills in this new Android game for hockey fans. $1.00

21. Ninja Rush

A fun ninja game that is one of the most popular games ever for Android. Free.

22. AirAttack HD (Air Combat)

This game is an award-winning air combat shooter with good 3D graphics. You get to choose from 3 difficulty modes, 8 missions and 58 different enemy types. $2.99 (optimized for Honeycomb).

Crusade of Destiny

23. Crusade of Destiny (RPG)

A stunning 3D RPG game where you travel back in time to a land of magic and dragons. Great sound effects, amazing 360 degree 3D environment and challenging gameplay. $4.99 (Xperia Play Optimized)

24. Extreme Formula 3D Racing (Racing)

Choose from 10 tracks, 5 vehicles, 18 achievements and 15 career stages in this futurist racing game. Free.

Battleheart for Android

25. Battleheart (RPG)

This popular iPhone RPG game is now available for Android. You command your army through the battefield and collect over 100 unique items in 30 animated levels. $2.99

Death Worm

26. Death Worm

With over 2 million downloads, this is an Android version of the popular indie game Death Worm. Navigate through 45 levels in 3 different locations. $2.99

Fruit Ninja HD

27. Fruit Ninja THD

The mega-popular iPhone fruit slicing game Fruit Ninja is now available on Android. $2.99 (optimized for NVIDIA Tegra and Honeycomb).

Modern Combat 2

28. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

This acclaimed First Person Shooter is a realistic portrayal of the modern war experience. Works on most high-end Android devices. $6.99 (optimized for Honeycomb).

29. Need For Speed: Shift (Racing)

Choose from over 20 cars, including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Pagani Zonda. Race on 18 tracks in international locations like Chicago, London and Tokyo. $4.99

Bang Bang Racing

30. Bang Bang Racing (Racing)

Choose from 8 stunning tracks from all over the world and 20 different cars. You can unlock achievement and compare your scores using OpenFeint that lets you see where you rank against friends and foes globally. $5.99 (optimized for NVIDIA Tegra and Honeycomb).

Pinball HD for Honeycomb

31. Pinball HD (Arcade)

An incredible 3D pinball game with three unique pinball tables: Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style. The original iOS app won the 2010 Apple Design Award in Games. $2.99 (optimized for NVIDIA Tegra and Honeycomb).

Riptide GP for Honeycomb

32. Riptide GP (Racing/Action)

An addictively entertainment water racing game where you race 12 futuristic water raceways. Earn achievements, post to leaderboards and race against your friends with full OpenFeint support. $6.99 (optimized for NVIDIA Tegra and Honeycomb).

Galaxy on Fire 2

33. Galaxy On Fire 2 (Honeycomb)

Explroe over 20 inhabited solar systems and 100 space stations with this fun science fiction simulation game. This game is story-based and you develop complex trading systems with over 170 different commodities to trade. Free (optimized for NVIDIA Tegra and Honeycomb).

Vendetta Online for Android

34. Vendetta Online

A graphically intensive 3d MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) set in space. The free trial version comes with 8 hours of in-game to try. This game is completely real-time and you can compete against people online from all over the world. Free (optimized for NVIDIA Tegra and Honeycomb).

35. Gun Bros (Action/FPS)

3D action sooter where you get trigger happy with a bunch of zombies. Free.

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