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By Paul Gill | January 31, 2012
If you're a rabid Star Wars fan, and can even get into the prequels, you're likely excited about the Star Wars Episode I 3D remaster coming to theatres shortly. Along with this comes the... Read More »
By Mike Agerbo | December 1, 2011
These days when your shopping for a computer, you often find yourself choosing between a tablet or a laptop. One solution I’ve come across that can handle my business and entertainment needs... Read More »
StoryPanda App for iPad
By Kyle Pearce | August 24, 2011
The GROW Conference held in Vancouver last week featured a lot of impressive new apps developed in the city. One app that really blew us away was StoryPanda. It allows young children to read... Read More »
By Sharon Dhanoa | August 23, 2011
Considering Android has the largest app marketplace, there are a lot of great apps to be found each month. From gaming to photography, here's our picks for the best Android apps of August... Read More »
New iPhone Apps August
By Kyle Pearce | August 22, 2011
There is an excellent crop of new photo sharing apps for the iPhone this month. Our list of the best new apps this month also covers some interesting location-based apps, a cutting edge new game for... Read More »
Vudu and other new apps for the iPad
By Kyle Pearce | August 20, 2011
As other tablet platforms struggle to get apps, iPad developers are releasing innovative new apps all the time. In fact, there were probably more iPad apps released in the previous 30 days than there... Read More »
By Mike Agerbo | August 15, 2011
  The world is a dangerous place, but luckily there are apps that can act like a virtual life jacket for you. These apps can do everything from give you survival tips to keep you informed on... Read More »
By AJ Vickery | August 11, 2011
If you’re a runner, you’ll want to know: How far did you run? What was your pace? What was your exact route? You want this stuff for motivation, inspiration. Well, the guys at Nike are... Read More »
By Mike Agerbo | August 10, 2011
They come up from those odd little corners of R and D once in a while. They are a little off the beaten path and they may even seem downright strange to some. You can use many words to define them,... Read More »
By AJ Vickery | August 8, 2011
The sky’s the limit when it comes to all the things you can do with technology these days. However, even with all those options, some of us still just want to draw. But you don’t need a... Read More »